Waxing without worry

You care about your clients and their repeat business. That’s why there’s no room in your salon for shortcuts in sanitary safety.

First and foremost, clients want to know they’re going somewhere they can trust. This is what keeps them coming back and recommending you to their friends! Salons and spas that skimp on safe practices risk the health of their clients and the reputation of their business.

Imagine a client who develops an infection after getting a wax in your seat. Instead of bringing her friends along next month, she’s going to remember you in the worst way possible.

The best way to show that you care is to keep your area up to today’s professional standards at all times.

In short: Your number one priority is a safe and sanitary environment!

It’s always a good idea to have regular talks with your fellow staff about this important topic. Make sure they understand the importance of sanitary procedures. Be the leader in waxing without worry. Your clients will thank you.

Use this list of five important questions as a checklist in your daily routine.

NUMBER 1: Is the waxing unit clean?

Waxing is messy. Too often we give in to the temptation to use a unit that has wax dripping down its sides. After all, it’s Friday afternoon, and there are customers waiting!

Take a moment. It doesn’t take long to clean the waxing unit, and your clients will feel much more secure when they see a fresh device waiting for them. Try using disposable Wax Warmer Collars to help keep your workspace neat during treatments.

NUMBER 2: Are your disposable sticks and strips stored safely?

Leaving strips out encourages them to accumulate dust, spilled wax, and – worst of all – germs. Your clients will notice this. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than seeing a grimy strip come toward your eyebrows! Keep everything safe from contaminants by using an empty organizer to store your strips, sticks and other applicators.

NUMBER 3: Are your clients filling out a questionnaire?

Learn what your clients can tell you about their health history and past procedures. These details will guide you in giving them the best experience possible. The form will also make your client feel valued at your salon.

NUMBER 4: Are you wearing gloves and placing clean paper on the bed or seat?

Though you wash your hands regularly, clients feel much more comfortable knowing you are taking their health as seriously as possible. Wear disposable gloves and change the paper on the bed or seat using disposable bedsheets for each appointment. If a client ever wants to know about sanitation measures, you should be able to answer comfortably about what you do and why. Remember, you’re working to gain and keep their trust just as much as you're working to give them a nice wax!

NUMBER 5 (Last, but certainly not least!): You aren’t double dipping, are you?!

Let your mantra be "No Double Dipping!" Once the applicator has gone into the wax and has been used on the client, it should go directly into the trash. You must use a new applicator each and every time. The rumors that wax is hot enough to kill bacteria are NOT true. Double dipping the wood instantly contaminates the entire container of wax and can infect you or other clients. Your best plan of action is to purchase applicator sticks and spatulas in bulk so you never run out. Qosmedix offers wholesale pricing and can help you keep your salon or spa safe in a cost-effective way.

Every spa or salon will have different procedures. You know what makes your business unique. But what every salon should share in common is a concern for client health and safety. Following this checklist will help you decrease your chance of spreading infection and increase your chance of retaining clients.