Reusable makeup sponges have made applying foundation so easy – and actually kind of fun! Qosmedix offers wholesale pricing on a range of blending sponges, including oblong and spiral shapes. These high-quality products come in an assortment of colors and options, but without proper care, their quality can quickly decline.

As a beauty professional, it is important to provide clients with the best, most hygienic service possible. Although these sponges are disposable, they have an average life span of up to 3 months. In this time, they can harbor loads of bacteria and makeup residue if they aren’t cleaned properly. In order to prevent germ spreading, uneven application, a breakout or worse, follow these easy instructions on how to keep your blending sponges clean!

There are a variety of cleaning methods out there that many people swear by (i.e. olive oil, shampoo, and special cleansers or tools), but the best way to clean your sponges is so simple – and affordable!

You will need:
• Warm water
• Mild liquid soap
• Dry towel or washcloth

Step 1:

Rinse makeup sponge with warm water under the faucet. Squeeze out excess water so that your sponge isn’t dripping wet.

Step 2:

Squeeze a small amount of liquid soap directly onto the sponge or into your hands, and massage it into all areas of the sponge.

Step 3:

Rinse with warm water and squeeze the soap and water out. Be careful not to twist or stretch the sponge while cleansing.

Step 4:

Continue to rinse, squeeze, and repeat until the soap and makeup residue is gone.

Step 5:

Gently dry the makeup sponge with a towel and leave out overnight to fully air dry. Qosmedix blending sponges can also be used damp for a sheer foundation finish, so if you can’t wait for it to fully air dry, no problem!

Once your blending sponge starts to show cracks, it’s time for a new one. Luckily, Qosmedix blending sponges are so affordable, you can stock up on several at a time.

How often you choose to clean your makeup sponges can vary – it can range from once a day to once a week, depending on frequency of use. As beauty professionals, it is important to clean in between every client! Following these steps will ensure that you will maintain the quality of your makeup sponges, as well as a hygienic environment for your clients.