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Small Disposable Cup and Lid

Sample, mix or store various types of cosmetic formulations with these 22 ml (0.75 oz.) and 30 ml (1 oz.) disposable food grade polypropylene cups. The corresponding PET lid, Part # 90629 is also available for purchase.

Foot-Shaped Spray Tan Sandals

These foot-shaped strapless sandals with adhesive backing are designed to help protect the soles of the feet during spray tanning sessions. To apply, simply remove the adhesive backing and step firmly on the foot pad. May also be used to help protect feet at health and fitness clubs, during pedicure treatments and at airport security checkpoints.
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Ardell® Professional Natural, Black Band

ArdellĀ® false eyelashes have been a favorite of professional makeup artists for decades. The Professional Natural Fashion False Eyelashes instantly make eyes appear bigger and help dress up looks for any occasion. ArdellĀ® Fashion Lashes allow you to create gorgeous lashes with minimal effort.

Part # 513686
Qosmedix® Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

Effectively clean your makeup brushes in an instant with this quick-drying, rinse-free formula. The clear solution will help retain the original color of the brush hair. Directions: Spray a small amount of brush cleaner onto a paper towel. Gently wipe bristles back and forth until clean. Reshape brush and let air dry. Warning: Highly flammable. Do not use near flame or when smoking. Use only in ventilated areas. Do not swallow. If swallowed, give fluids liberally, do not induce vomiting, and seek medical attention. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
4 fl oz., 118 ml

Jar with Trimmed Cap

Sample or store various product formulas with these black jars made from polystyrene, ABS and acrylic materials. The trimmed caps make it easy to see the product from the overhead.
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Part # 29231
Vial, Clear with Plug Cap and Paddle, Black

This classic 1.5 ml vial with plug cap and paddle is the perfect vehicle for packaging or sampling essential oils, serums or fragrances. The attached paddle works as an aid to dose out small amounts of product from vial.
1.5 ml, 0.05 oz.

Part # 20058
Funnel, Black

Use this small black polypropylene funnel to help pour samples of your liquid formulas into sample bottles and containers.
1.2 inch Diameter x 1.59 inch (30.8 mm x 40.5 mm)

Part # 20283
S-Shaped Spatula

Maintain hygienic practices during waxing treatments with this disposable birchwood s-shaped spatula. Can also be used to hygienically test, mix or apply make-up and skin care products.
2.5 inch x 0.472 inch x 0.084 inch (63.5 mm x 12 m ...

Part # 20270

Help maintain a hygienic environment while performing skin consultations or waxing treatments using this disposable, 4.5 inch birchwood spatula.
4.5 inch x 0.369 inch x 0.079 inch (114.3 mm x 9.3 ...

Part # 20417

Mix, spread or apply various products with this birchwood spatula. The large size makes this spatula an excellent tool for waxing large surface areas such as legs, arms and back.
7.87 inch x 1 inch x 0.067 inch (200 mm x 25 mm ...

Part # 20416

Hygienically test, mix or apply make-up or skin care products with this disposable 7 inch wood spatula.
7 inch x 0.251 inch x 0.056 inch (177.8 mm x 6.38 ...

Part # 20321
Spatula, Matte Silver

Hygienically test, mix or apply make-up or skin care products with this disposable polystyrene matte silver spatula.
1.9 inch (48.3 mm)

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